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How Adaptive Traffic Control System works?

Traffic congestion has been a major issue in metro and smart cities due to lack of efficient traffic control strategies and system.  Adaptive traffic control system is strategically designed system which works analogous to on-the-ground traffic situation. These adaptive traffic control systems / traffic Signal Controller aimed at resolving the issue of traffic congestion by brining in real-time variation of signal duration individually for signals. It works in congruence with the ground need of traffic in a manageable manner in order to reduce traffic chaos. It works on the mechanism of analyzing the data pertaining to traffic during a particular time to provide synchronized and instant responses at intersection geometrics. It is given with microprocessors inbuilt configurations to improve the pace of traffic control and release.

ATCS is aligned with advanced hardware and software accessories to collect data about approaching vehicles and analyze the high and low traffic hours. The principle algorithm it works on allows it to get necessary input from the sensors ingrained on the road and then manage to form eventual coordination between separate groups of signal.


  1. Improves signal timing lifespan
  2. centralized adaptive operation
  3. Time-based traffic control
  4. Responsive solution for traffic optimization
  5. Advanced hardware and software

A well processed traffic management leads to reduced travel time while decreasing unwanted delays.  To coordinate with the flow of traffic and for real-time optimization, it is given with advanced algorithms which manage it all without causing traffic disputes. It not only saves time and brings in convenience but also saves fuel wastage which conventional traffic signals promote. All this makes Adaptive Traffic Control System the primary need of the hour and hence a worthy implementation for smart city traffic management.

Source: http://medium.com/@jkaushikindia/how-adaptive-traffic-control-system-works-cf7f4205c81